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Topic: Ghosts in a Lonely Sea

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    Re: Ghosts in a Lonely Sea

    Hey Sean,

    What a wonderful work!

    The title is on target; the winds sing such a sorrowful song.
    However, I do like the intensity that grows toward the ending; gives a bit more interest to the work as a whole. The work sounds traditional in a fugue like sense. The FX are a nice touch but maybe a bit over used.?

    Overall a great work of "art" that perfectly illustrates the mood of your picturesque title.

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    Re: Ghosts in a Lonely Sea

    The nature and the winds combination is sublime. It feels the sensation of a great sadness, a melancholic resignation immersed in a sobbing plea (the ghost loneliness i assume). The winds work is very traditional, with baroque taste i´d say.

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    Re: Ghosts in a Lonely Sea


    Excellent background or "canvass" on which to paint your

    The WWs work well here and I loved the contrapuntal writing
    to bring out their individuality.

    BRAVO, Sean

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    Re: Ghosts in a Lonely Sea

    Thank you very much for your comments.

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    Re: Ghosts in a Lonely Sea


    I tried to listen, but when the player opens, it says,
    rather blandly on nothing but white background:

    "no such song, sorry."

    Has SoundClick gone quirky on us again... lol? I've
    never seen it do that before.


    David Sosnowski

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