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Topic: Farewell to Mr. Paul newman

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    Farewell to Mr. Paul newman

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    Breaking news this morning........

    Paul Newman has died of cancer at 83.
    Wow. Another great has left us.

    It's amazing how emotional one can be at these time.
    Not knowing the Man personally, yet somehow feeling saddned by his loss.
    He was such a force and a respected man in the industry.

    He was once asked why he did not stray.
    "I have steak at home, why go out for Hamburger"

    Thank you for your talents and contributions and my heart goes out to his Wife, Joanne and all of his family members.

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    Re: Farewell to Mr. Paul newman

    Being a racing fan, I had the privilege of seeing P.L. Newman (as he would register himself as a driver) in person on a couple of occasions. The last time I quietly pointed him out to my son, who five years old at the time. I was happy to give the man his space, rather than crowd him with autograph requests and such.

    Paul was driving a Lotus Esprit at that Long Beach race. I owned mine way back then, and still own it to this day. His was faster.

    For the past few years, Paul has been self-sponsoring his Champ and Indy cars with the Hole in the Wall Camps logo. That's the charity that he founded for children with serious medical illnesses.


    The very best was to honor the man, would be to support that organization.


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    Re: Farewell to Mr. Paul newman

    Don't forget Cool Hand Luke. The line "What we have here is a failure to communicate" was powerful - not only because of it's delivery, but because of the character it was delivered to.

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    Re: Farewell to Mr. Paul newman

    Yes - all these films one remembers from the time and at the cinema too. I guess The Hustler was really special because the whole cast was on top form - but I remember seeing Long Hot Summer at the cinema when I was a kid. I even remember the actual summer.

    Good actor and from the method school. Some excellent performances and some interesting performances in not so excellent films.

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