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Topic: Questions for Sample Developers

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    Questions for Sample Developers

    This is something I have been curious about for awhile and thought I would ask.
    How much insight do each of you get when it comes to marketing tactics for your products? Meaning do you have a very specific plan of attack or do you record your samples and then send them off to a publisher that does that all for you?
    I\'m just curious because I would love to see some \"package-deals\" with sample libraries, for example getting VOTA and QLB together in a package for a discounted price, or buying one will give you a discount on another, etc, etc...
    Or maybe some \"custom libraries\", meaning you could just buy specific samples and/or sets from specific libraries. I know there are some available (I think Worra\'s new brass library might be that way? Correct me if I don\'t have that right...) that do something like this.
    Would this end up being more trouble than it\'s worth do you think?
    I ask because I simply don\'t know and was just curious.
    Thanks for any insights.

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    Re: Questions for Sample Developers

    some Developers already do this. Soundsonline...usually, lets you get deals/discounts on other libraries if you buy one \"similar\" library. Also there are bundle deals. I picked up a coupole libraries in a Giga bundle deal. QLB and Advanced Orchestra and ultimate strings I believe.

    Ilio doesn\'t do this, but I wish they did

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Questions for Sample Developers

    Yeah I knew that soundsonline *sorta* does that...I guess I\'m just looking for a bit more of a customizable (is that even a word?) system to get specific libraries and/or sounds.
    Oh well, it\'s better than nothing I suppose!


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    Re: Questions for Sample Developers

    It\'s the customizeable part that becomes a problem. Here\'s why ...

    If you have a \"template\" special discount, you simply apply it to your website and it is automatically taken care of by your purchasing system. Usually there is no human interaction required, and the process flows through a predefined, although customizeable, path.

    When customized special discounts come into play, this usually requires some in-house programming to take care of a solution because 3rd party software doesn\'t cut it. It\'s not impossible to provide automated discounts on user-selected products, but most software does not cater for this. What would then be required is human intervention in the buying process, and many websites just don\'t have the resources for this.

    They would rather do without the extra cash generated by the discounted purchase, rather than design the website to be all-encompassing when it comes to selecting which products you want discount on.

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