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Topic: School Song Mp3 review

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    School Song Mp3 review

    My wife is the composer and I'm the designated audio mixer... She's been commissioned to write a school song for a school called Providence Hall. Their mascot is the Patriot and so the music has a Revolutionary type of feel to it.

    I'm using GPO and Cubase LE to mix everything but am not happy with things yet. As I listen to so many of your works I don't think I've got things quite right yet. Please give as much feedback and suggestions as you can so I can make this better.

    You can find the sample at: www.tetonmusic.com/garritan.htm

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    Re: School Song Mp3 review

    I am not a cubase user (I use sonar), but this seems to be lacking some cc work. The velocities all seem similar and there isn't much cc1 or cc 11 variation. I think if you begin there, you can make this more realistic.

    I also like a little more reverb in the vox, but that is more personal preference than anything else.

    Other than that this is a fine composition, but seems a bit difficult for some school orchestras, but I am not familiar withg the school so this may be appropriate for them.

    Nice piece. Nice voice as well.

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    Re: School Song Mp3 review


    A very nice school song. It has a lot of tradition behind it
    and should inspire the students to greater achievement.

    Nice arrangement. As far as rendering goes, I'm not a
    Cubase person either, but I will second Rolifer's motion for
    more CC1 and further balancing.

    Would like to hear this again after YOU are satisfied with it.

    Thank you for writing and mixing a piece that will do something
    for our young children. They need more inspiration in today's

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    Re: School Song Mp3 review

    It sounds like a fine school song. I had a hard time hearing the vocals. I think it needs a bigger whole in the center for the vocal but the lyrics will be available for the school listener.

    I like the historical reference at the beginning. It's good for students to remember how this country came into being.

    As far as balance and such, if this is going to be sung by the students and performed by a school band then the mp3 doesn't have to be too polished. A good song is a good song.


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    Re: School Song Mp3 review

    The writing seems quite suited to the task,
    and quite good, at that.

    On the mixing... try not to mix quite so wide;
    more toward center, so the players don't
    sound like they're in different rooms. That,
    and the addition of some reverb to this should
    take this basically quite solid material and put a
    much nicer sheen on it!

    My best,

    David Sosnowski

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