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Topic: Omnisphere Issues & Suggestions...

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    Omnisphere Issues & Suggestions...

    Hi everyone,

    I thought it would be neat to collect all issues and suggestions that come
    up when using Omnisphere in one thread...

    My issues so far:

    1.) When trying to check for updates via the Spectrasonics-icon on Omnisphere, I get
    an error-message with "Unhandled exception" (www.asio2ks.de/misc/omnisphere.jpg)
    I'm not sure if that comes from the Test-Host that I used (SAVIHost) or from Omnisphere
    itself. Afterwards the application closes. (My system is Vista64)

    2.) Mouse-Wheel does not work most of the time in browsing window (soundsource
    and patch-browser)

    3.) Sterling Glass Scraper stretch is not working


    1.) I'm using Omnisphere within two accounts (due to security reasons within our
    corporate network) on the same PC. I got a new challenge when trying to start
    Omnisphere in my secondary user-account. Thus I had to re-authorize to use it
    on the same PC. This was not the case with Atmosphere - here I could use the
    same authorization with those two user-accounts. I think the Atmosphere way
    makes more sense - at least this cause for re-authorization should be added to
    your drop-downbox on the authorization page of your website, because this is no
    new computer where it needs to be re-authorized...

    2.) On the authorization-page I have no way to specify Vista64 or XP64 - as
    quite a few people are starting to have their OS in 64bit-mode (running within
    64bit Windows, a 32bit host-application can really use almost all of the 4GB),
    this should be added - probably also helps you with support.

    Best regards,

    PS.: Just saw that there already is a thread for this subject -mea culpa - as I found
    no way to delete this post, I'm adding this to the other thread...

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    Re: Omnisphere Issues

    I would change this thread to issues as we already have a suggestions thread.


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