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Topic: Omnispere full size on disk

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    Omnispere full size on disk

    Can anyone confirm the actual install size of the Steam folder on your hard drive. Thanks.

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    Re: Omnispere full size on disk

    I thought I heard Eric say 49Gig, for the whole deal, at the seminar yesterday.

    If you mean the Steam folder sans samples I don't know. I would imagine the app itself is not all that big. I don't know though.
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    Re: Omnispere full size on disk

    I have 42.1 size on disk.. but I'm not sure if there will even more data to come? Maybe this will change.
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    Re: Omnispere full size on disk

    I have 42.1GB also

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    Re: Omnispere full size on disk

    Cool, that's what I got also. Thanks folks.

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