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Topic: Question for THE KING IDIOT

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    Question for THE KING IDIOT

    Hey King. I\'m curious what convolver you are using or what plugins you recommend. Anything on the MAC platform??



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    Re: Question for THE KING IDIOT

    Hey C,

    I\'m using Acoustic Modeler. I\'ve liked it since I first used it, but started to drift back to regular reverbs because i got tired of the impulses I have. They have a distinct color that gets tiresome after using it too much....jsut like any sample library. For the Mac I hear the AltiVerb is fantastic. I have a Mac but not DP3 (which altiverb requires). I plan on picking it up soon jsut because everyone is raving about it. People have said its better sounding than Acoustic Modelor, but I think that has to do with the impulses more than the software itself. Tho I could be wrong. Also Altiverb does do Front-L/R and Rear-L/R in one impulse I believe so thats different.

    The Sony outboard unit is supposed to be fantastic as well. Again probably due to some fantastic impulses. What I like about these guys is that they are supposed to send you new impulses or you can purchase them or something like that.

    Still i think a convolver is only as good as the impulses you have....and not all impulses are better than standard delay line reverbs. Especially with varying styles of music. Sometimes the realism adds too much color to the sound.

    I\'m also looking into the SoundStage direct X plug in. My main issue has been with refrections and room placement this might do it for me especially if I use reverb on top of it and use convolution for \"color\"


    oh yah plug ins I recommend.

    Waves Bundle. Must own....

    Hyperprism...cheap...ok plug ins and bad ones...but always there for added color

    Acoustic Modeler/SoundForge 5(only comes in Soundforge now, but is a standar Direct X plug in) Its good for more than jsut reverbs. In fact Bruce\'s Tape Model is really cool for all kinds of things...electric Bass,...overly digital guitars...speaker models, mic models (tho Mic Modelers plug ins/effects are better IMO)

    those are ones I use regularly. I also do all kinds of combining and the like.

    Acoustic Modeler opens up some wacky things you can do as well. You can build impulses on your own developed from processing a test tone....and I mean PROCESSING\" you can come up with wacky things (time stretch the tone then reverb it then frequency deviate it...and see what it does)....favorite EQ settings...favorite reverbs....favorite reverbs thrown through a speaker sim into an EQ time stretched and pitched, then stretched back to the original length...Of course the impulse iwll sound nothing like all of those effects but will create some crazy things.

    Friends of mine use Opcode\'s filter alot.

    I like waldorf D-pole and wish I had it.

    REAKTOR!!! If I knew what I was doing in that sucker I\'d be in tweak heaven. but I broke down and got a Korg Analog modeler instead.


    yah Waves is the only MUST HAVE IMO. It jsut comes with a crapload of good and usable stuff.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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