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Topic: Film Music Industry - Which Way is Better?

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    Film Music Industry - Which Way is Better?

    Hi guys, quick question.

    What do you think is a better 'bet' for getting a foot into the film music industry. Would it be to attempt go work towards it and go at it on your own, or say you know a person or two that are equally skilled film composers would it somehow benefit you to form a sort of production unit/company together and market yourselves out as a studio that works on all the music together and produces superior results than one person alone?

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    Re: Film Music Industry - Which Way is Better?

    To get work you need to show that you're worth risking the money that's about to be spent on you and worth risking a major component of a very emotionally invested project. Remember, while this project may be new to you, the director and/or producer may have several years into it already, fighting to get it funded and then fighting to get it made. They're not about to let you mess it up for them.

    Once you've convinced a director or production company that you're worth investing in, either through a solid track record or personal recommendation, then you have to do everything else right from there on out to the end of the project - all for a competitive price. That means delivering exactly what the director thinks he wants, even when he changes his mind a few times, on time and on budget. What, you thought this was just about being talented?

    So, to answer you question, if one of your prospective partners already has a track record or connections that you all can piggy back on, then go that way. If you're all just starting out, then at least you'll have three pairs of feet pounding the pavement so your odds are increased, even as your profits are divided by three (or however you negotiate the split). You also have the benefit of selecting partners who are strong in musical areas where you aren't. Maybe one of you is a brilliant orchestral composer while the other is on the bleeding edge of electronica. Few folks are great at both.

    If you set out on your own, you have to do all the work yourself - PR, negotiations, production, client relations, etc., but the financial reward is all yours.

    The best of luck to you, whichever route you choose.
    Paul Baker
    Baker's Jazz And More
    Austin, Texas, USA

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