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Topic: Gig watermarking - What features do you want?

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    Gig watermarking - What features do you want?

    It seems that watermarking of gig files for piracy protection/detection is fairly well accepted as a technology because it hurts exactly those who deserve it while leaving honest customers alone. Right now I\'m working on a software system that can be used to encode invisible and inaudible watermarks in gig files. The reason for my post is to find out how many library developers are interested in such a system and what features are desired. I will not give away any information on the technology (because that would defeat the purpose of the whole thing), but here are some of the \'political\' issues:
    * The software will only be sold to actual library developers. If any library developer makes it available to somebody else they create their own security gap.
    * Each \'copy\' of the software will be customized such that it cannot be applied to the libraries of another developer. Different combinations of algorithms will be used.
    * The user of the software will have influence on the tradeoff between watermark robustness (towards manipulation) and the effect on audio quality (from none to audible).

    If you\'re interested, please let me know what features you wish for. Either on the forum or by email (ernstj@in.tum.de).

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    Re: Gig watermarking - What features do you want?

    ... Ok, I\'ve received a number of requests by email. So the project is on. I\'ll post here again as soon as the system is implemented.

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