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Topic: WOT:vat question for Europeans

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    WOT:vat question for Europeans

    I might be doing 2 concerts and a recording session in France as a part of a grant. Can anyone tell me if I pay VAT for things like studio time and/or paying the musicians for the concerts? I am really ignorant of how this VAT works.

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    Re: WOT:vat question for Europeans

    Basically, VAT is a TAX added to all goods and services and is charged at a percentage rate (in UK 17.5% except fuel which is 5%).

    If you live abroad, it is sometimes possible to claim back the tax paid when you leave, especially if you are not staying for a long period.

    You will pay the tax on hiring fees and musicians costs, but if you sell anything, like the recordings then you add the tax to your costs.

    Say you pay for studio time at $1000, UK tax would be $175. Make the recording and sell it for $2000, you get tax of $350 but only if you are registered, otherwise you just get $2000. If you charge the VAT you pay the govt, the amount charged less the amount spent. So VAT earned is £350 VAT paid out on job is $175, govt get $175. You always end up $175 down.

    You only need to register if you turn over over a certain amount in a year, currently £65000 in UK

    As you are unlikely to be registered, you only pay it and dont charge it. If you keep all receipts with VAT on them you may be able to claim it back when you leave Europe.

    Try the following Its UK but the principle is the same ands its not in French: http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/MoneyTax..._PPC&cre=Money
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