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Topic: Clipped Levels in Patch "Liquid Bowers"

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    Clipped Levels in Patch "Liquid Bowers"

    I believe there is a problem with the levels with layer B (soundsource-"bowlimba") of Omni Library patch "Liquid Bowers".

    It looks like a volume setting of 9.54db is causing the Omni main output meter to clip and cause an audible click/pop. Something softer, other times louder , and always going right to left in the sound field. I can repeat this with single notes, mostly in the lower registers like D2.

    Bypassing the FX reveals high levels, so perhaps clipping is occcuring at the fx stage?

    Anyone else hearing this?

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    Re: Clipped Levels in Patch "Liquid Bowers"

    Just turn down the part level or your host fader. It shouldn't be clipping anything internally to Omnisphere.

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    Re: Clipped Levels in Patch "Liquid Bowers"

    Hi Eric, I turned down Logic's Omni fader to -11 and I get no change. I don't know maybe its something with my system, but 4 to 5 sec's into a D2 I'm getting this click/pop.

    I have MacBook Pro 2.33 Core 2 Duo w/3 gig ram, OS 10.4.10, Logic 7.2.3, Apogee Rosetta 800, Symphony Mobile.


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    Re: Clipped Levels in Patch "Liquid Bowers"

    Turn down the Part Level fader

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    Re: Clipped Levels in Patch "Liquid Bowers"

    Part level down to -12db, and Layer B level Down to -3.5, still getting it. Stange how it seems to be affected by note velocity. The harder the note the louder, soft notes produce a small but identical pop.

    The level of the patch is quite low now.


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    Re: Clipped Levels in Patch "Liquid Bowers"

    I isolated the noise to the Radio Delay which is the first FX for layer A. Turning the Radio Delay off. causes the click the stop. Also the LPF is set to 22000.0 HZ. Adjusting the LPF to lower settings also diminshes this click/pop.......

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    Re: Clipped Levels in Patch "Liquid Bowers"

    After adjusting the LPF settings in the Radio Delay I'm click/pop free.

    All levels are at the patches default settings.

    Thanks Eric for the reply.

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