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Topic: Update Planned for Chris Hein Guitars???

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    Update Planned for Chris Hein Guitars???


    The New Chris Hein Horns 1.5 is really excellent and we were wondering if you are planning a similar update to Chris Hein Guitars. We own both and were much more impressed with the playability and realism of the Horns.

    Will you be updating the Guitars with improved Kontakt Scripting, etc. in the near future?

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    Re: Update Planned for Chris Hein Guitars???

    Hey, good idea, haven't thought about it. ;-)

    As soon as Kontakt-Player3 is available, all of my libraries will be updated.
    The Guitars, Basses and even the new Horns.
    KP3 will have some really cool new features which fit perfect for the concept of my instruments.
    I don't know when KP3 will be ready, at the moment NI says January,
    but we don't know which year.

    So, if you have any suggestions, use this thread as a wish list
    and post your ideas here.

    Chris Hein
    Chris Hein - Horns / Chris Hein - Guitars / Chris Hein - Bass

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    Re: Update Planned for Chris Hein Guitars???


    Thanks for the response. I'm glad you'll consider updating the Guitars!

    I think the overall sound quality and breadth of the Guitars is impressive.

    The element that I was hoping for, however, was real-time playability and realism from a MIDI Keyboard. The Jazz Guitar-Finger Version is the one I'm most interested in playing. From numerous hours spent with Full Version with your updates, I've never been able to achieve a very realistic performance. It doesn't fool the critical listener into believing that this is a real guitarist.

    By contrast, I think the new Solo Alto and Solo Tenor Saxophones 1.5 do indeed sound highly realistic!

    Could you consider adding round-robin scripting, humanization, and additional features that might decrease the machine-gun effect with the guitars. Also, would you considering adding a pseudo-legato effect to the guitars?

    Finally, the new keyswitching techniques you've employed in the Basses and Horns {"Hot Keys", KS + 1, etc.} are very helpful. Would you consider adding something similar to the guitars?


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    Hey guys,

    I've got the chris Heins Guitar and i think Public Liability Insurance awesome i really do

    Just wondering if the chris hein horn are that good because i have been thinking about getting that aswell!??


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