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Topic: Omnisphere Live Mode

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    Omnisphere Live Mode

    I haven't had a lot of time to play with Omnisphere yet. There is one thing that is bothering me that I can't find explained in any documentation or forum post.

    What exactly is Live Mode? How do you switch between the layers? Doesn't seem to be mod wheel, expression pedal? Am I an idiot?

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    Re: Omnisphere Live Mode

    There is a tutorial video on Live Mode already -- you should definitely check it out. It's on their site, or you can find a link on other threads on this forum about those videos already posted.

    LIVE mode looks like it will ROCK (assuming your CPU is up to it).

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    Re: Omnisphere Live Mode

    Thanks. I'm downloading all the videos now -- perfect subway viewing on the iPhone.

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