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Topic: Kontakt Sampler 2 or 3?

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    Exclamation Kontakt Sampler 2 or 3?

    Hi friends,

    because I am working on a library I would like to know what Kantakt Sampler you are using.

    Is it Kontakt 2 or Kontakt 3? Perhaps we can make a "Poll" , Masimon?

    A problem for me is that I don`t know when Native-Instruments will make the Kontakt-Player-3 aviable. January 2009/2010/2011?


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    Re: Kontakt Sampler 2 or 3?

    Kontakt 3- I just updated this weekend.


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    Re: Kontakt Sampler 2 or 3?

    Still very much on Kontakt 2.4.

    Even when it goes 64 bit I'm not sure I'm going to upgrade. If I can afford to build a new machine that's completely 64 bit, then I should probably dedicate it to being a VSL slave; and, since I use Vienna Ensemble as my MIDI/Audio over network solution, everything other than VSL has to be running on my DAW machine. Which means Kontakt will be living on a 32 bit machine for a long time to come, for me. So, unless my hand is forced, by lots of unmissable libraries going to K3 only, I'll be sticking for the forseeable future.

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    Re: Kontakt Sampler 2 or 3?

    K2.2.4 here

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    Re: Kontakt Sampler 2 or 3?

    Best thing would be to make it for K2. That way it will work in both k2 and k3 no?

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    Re: Kontakt Sampler 2 or 3?

    Since you mentioned the Kontakt 3 Player release.
    I would assume you're planning on releasing it in a player.
    In that case, it wouldn't matter if user's are using Kontakt 2 or 3
    As they would be getting your library in a player.
    Even non-Kontakt user's would be able to use it.


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    Re: Kontakt Sampler 2 or 3?

    I find K3 much faster in its load times and more stable on my Intel Mac Pro. That's just me though. K2 on my Pc is fine.

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    Re: Kontakt Sampler 2 or 3?

    Still K2 on several Systems. I hesitate to update all.
    But If you will give us a good reason in the way you explore some extraordinary features only availbale in K3 i would perhaps think about.
    ....what kind of Library?

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    Re: Kontakt Sampler 2 or 3?

    Kontakt 2. No plans to upgrade to 3, ever.

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    Re: Kontakt Sampler 2 or 3?

    Don't know if that matters, but all future Kontakt-Player Libraries
    will not run in Kontakt2 anymore, only in Kontakt3.

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