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Topic: Velocity layers

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    Velocity layers

    Hi everyone,

    I am curious to know: how many recorded velocity layers does the Authorized Steinway have per note?

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    Re: Velocity layers

    I´d like to know too.

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    Re: Velocity layers

    Quote Originally Posted by antonjordaan View Post
    I am curious to know: how many recorded velocity layers does the Authorized Steinway have per note?
    It's never been published in any fashion to my knowledge. Supposedly, it's not a fixed number and varies with the sample (and maybe the perspective?, dunno). Fwiw, I did a test on middle C with each velocity value, 0-127, and believed I could detect 7 distinct levels on middle C at the "player" perspective. However, this is only my subjective opinion.

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    Re: Velocity layers

    Quote Originally Posted by jjloving View Post
    interesting how that compares to the others they reviewed - QL Pianos was the only one with as many at "10-18 depending on note". Next highest was 13, and they went down from there.

    Sampletekk TBO and Seven Seas have 31 layers, but Garritan Steinway (for me) has a more beautiful timbre and the advantage of the sampling of the soft pedal, that adds an additional color.

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    Re: Velocity layers


    Quote Originally Posted by jjloving View Post
    In the October 08 Keyboard Magazine...The software roundup section (page 68) states: Max. Velocity layers 12-18, depending on note.
    Thanks for that update (I hadn't yet gotten around to taking a look at that most recent issue). Interesting that my subjective assessment was quite a bit lower, as I really did listen to it very carefully with headphones. Again, in reference to the "Player" perspective, I do recall that anything below 30 was indistinguishably soft, and anything above 115 sounded like ball-peen hammers hitting the keys , so I suppose there are sample layers present above and below these values, but I can't see much practical use for them.

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    Re: Velocity layers

    This is OT from the thread's subject, but, Jon:

    "...In the October 08 Keyboard Magazine (which is still coming for some reason, maybe because they didn't understand why I asked them to cancel the free subscription...)..."

    That has me curious. I don't understand why you would cancel either - ? - Keyboard is the only magazine tailored to us keyboardists - so---?

    Randy B.

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    Re: Velocity layers

    Hi, Jon - Thanks for the reply. I'm glad I asked.

    Well now - that's very interesting. Yes, we all got those bills for the subscriptions. We inquired about it here on the Forum, and Gary asked us to ignore the bills and said that he would find out what the story was pronto. He did that, and word was, as you repeated here, that there had been a mix up. A rep of Keyboard posted on the thread in question, apologizing for the delay, saying that the subs were supposed to have started months before they actually did.

    That rep obviously knew there were supposed to be free subs, unlike the person you contacted.

    Now we're enjoying the only magazine which is dedicated completely to keyboard players for free.

    I understand you aren't happy with the way you were handled when you called the company about the problem. But I want to suggest that it's the individual you dealt with who caused you problems, not the creators of the magazine.

    We've all dealt with less than helpful phone operators, and surly support people through email - and though they ideally should be representing their companies always in a good light, of course that doesn't happen. I think if we gave up doing business with all the companies who have employees who regretably make a bad impression once in awhile - then we wouldn't continue dealing with very many companies at all.

    It's a great magazine. Sorry you're cutting yourself off from it!

    Randy B.

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    Re: Velocity layers

    Hi all,

    A question about this thread because I think my answer is within it. When you are talking about "velocity layers" are you specifically talking about how many different recorded versions of the exact same not were recorded, played at different velocity strengths?

    Meaning if something says 16 layers does that mean each note was recorded 16 times at 16 different volumes (velocities)? If so, does that mean for instance if we have available to us 0-127 for velocity settings that 1-18 is velocity layer 1, 24-38 is 2, 39-47 is 3, etc etc until we get to the 127 range? So if a recording sample only had say 7 layers, it would be worse because it would be more like 1-20, then 21-40, 41-60 etc which means your dynamics would be quite hindered by this lack of layers.

    Because the problem I am having right now is that I am doing recordings (solo piano) on a Mac using Logic Studio 8. But for some reason as one user stated, the notes just BLAST you sometimes. I will be playing as smooth as I do on my real grand and yet sometimes notes just slam you in the face.

    However, when I go and look at the recorded velocity (the actual velocity within Logic) of each note, the note that sounded perfect was at velocity 49 (in logic) and then note that slams me right in the face is only velocity 50. This is so frustrating.

    Is this a limit of the software sample and how many layers it has recorded per note?

    I hope I am making sense here because a few of my recordings have some "harsh" sounding notes in them because the 49 velocity is to soft, and the 50 velocity is punching me in the teeth.

    Thanks so much!


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    Re: Velocity layers

    I experience this too! But only on some notes (F#5 comes to mind right away). I keep trying but I just can't seem to get a workable tone from this library. It's so frustrating. With all of the harsh notes and the dead notes and the very weak and thin notes, I just end up closing the player down.

    Waiting for the upgrade (that we were kinda hoping to get THIS year because we didn't want to wait until NAMM 09 but it now looks like we're going to be waiting at least that long anyway)...

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    Re: Velocity layers

    I experienced this too to my regret. From other threads I learned that some updates are coming soon, but what is soon. The latest NAMM was somewhere in january/february and they launched/presented the Steinway as the ultimate piano. Indeed it is, but it has one square shaped wheel, bumping everytime. I sincerely hope that before the next NAMM - might be filled with empty promises - these updates finally reach the hungry users.


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