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Topic: GPO in Sonar?

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    GPO in Sonar?


    I'm very much considering getting Garritan Personal, as it seems fairly awesome. I'm new to all of these things though, so the things that are obvious to others, well.. Reading about GPO it keeps mentioning use in Kontakt, but I'd like to use it in Sonar. That works right? (pleeeaase) =)

    Also, in required specs it says XP. I'm getting a new laptop, and am really trying to find an XP-option, but it's all Vista Vista Vista.. Would GPO work in (#¤%!&) Vista? =)

    Many thanks. Will check out your cool forum now.

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    Re: GPO in Sonar?


    GPO will work in Sonar, that's what I use.

    It will also work in Vista afaik...

    Buy, buy, buy!!

    Take Care,

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    Re: GPO in Sonar?


    will will will


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    Re: GPO in Sonar?

    Kontakt and Kontakt Player 2 (which comes with GPO) both load into SONAR. I use SONAR Producer Edition 7.0 with them - works great!
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    Re: GPO in Sonar?

    Hello Huey and welcome to our community.

    I too use GPO with Sonar. In fact GPO will integrate with any program that has VST capability.

    When you install GPO, you just need to go to your VST folder and copy the KontaktPlayer2.dll into the Sonar VST folder and that's it.

    Good luck.
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    Re: GPO in Sonar?

    Hi Huey,

    To echo everyone, GPO+Sonar=Good. You'll find that the userbase here has a high percentage of Sonarites.

    Also, to clarify what Kontakt and GPO are:
    Garritan Personal Orchestra is a sample library consisting of orchestral instruments. It comes integrated into a Kontakt Player 2 interface. Essentially, the Kontakt Player is a container for the sample library; it applies effects and programming to the raw recordings so that you can control the sound as you play, and maps the appropriate sounds to respond when you play certain notes on your keyboard or enter them into Sonar. Without the KP2 frontend, you'd just have a bunch of wave files that would be very difficult to use easily.


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