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Topic: Can Not Save Patch or Multi - Omnisphere - Mac

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    Can Not Save Patch or Multi - PROBLEM RESOLVED SOLUTION HERE

    Hi there,

    Mac Pro, Latest OS.

    When using either Pro Tools 7.4.2 or Ugly VST Player (my only two options for running Omni) I can not save a patch or a multi.

    With patch saving, it goes through all the steps and appears to complete. It even gives me the new patch name in the U.I. BUT does not actually save a file. The patch does not appear in the list of sounds.

    I've updated everything...tried all the normal tricks and can't figure this one out. I shot a email to tech support but thought I'd double check here with all the experts.

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    Re: Can Not Save Patch or Multi - Omnisphere - Mac

    Are you sure you're not in demo mode? Have you checked the FAQs at support.spectrasonics.net?

    - Glenn

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    Re: Can Not Save Patch or Multi - Omnisphere - Mac

    I authorized the plug. There is no reference to my issue in any of the FAQs.

    Thanks though.

    By the way, in the 'directory," "User" does not appear. This may provide a clue. Just All, Omnisphere and one other I can't remember...I'm not in front of my computer now.

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    Re: Can Not Save Patch or Multi - Omnisphere - Mac

    This was just posted on the FAQ site. I swear it wasn't there earlier today.

    There is a problem if your STEAM folder is in a folder named "Omnisphere Library". The symptom is: saved patches cannot be opened in the browser. This will be fixed in a future update, but until then, simply name the folder which contains your STEAM folder to anything except "Omnisphere Library".

    Also, if you have not yet authorized Omnisphere and are running in demo mode: patch saving is disabled in demo mode.
    I'll try this when I get back in the studio. I do believe my folder is called "Omnisphere Library."

    Very strange.

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    Re: Can Not Save Patch or Multi - Omnisphere - Mac

    Problem resolved.

    My 'starting' folder on my HD was called "Omnisphere Library." I simply changed the name to "Omnisphere" and now patches are saving fine.


    1. After you rename your folder, you must then go to users/library/application support/spectrasonics and DELETE the existing "STEAM" alias.

    2. Then go to where ever you installed the library, and create a new alias for "STEAM." Remove the work "alias" from that and copy it to the folder in step one.

    I can't believe the ONLY name you can't use for the library is "Omnisphere Library." That is a pretty huge thing for the guys at spectrasonics to have missed.

    Oh well.

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    Re: Can Not Save Patch or Multi - Omnisphere - Mac

    Thanks, I'll add that to the FAQ.

    - Glenn

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