I recently installed GPO vs. 3, KP on my computer. I also bought a sustain pedal for my MIDI keyboard in order to be able to use the legato option. But now I am somewhat confused about what the manual says about switsching between "legato mode" and "sustain mode":

"To play sustain instruments, such as the piano, "Normal Sustain/Sostenuto Operation" must be selected under Options/General (under the Load button). To return to legato mode, the Sustain/Sostenuto Pedal Mode has to be set to the second choice on the list which is "No Sustain/Sustenuto Operation", but MIDI controller. "

My problems:

(1) I simply can't find "Options/General under a Load button" in KP, not to speak of "Sustain/Sostenuto Pedal Mode", so I don't get anywhere.

(2) What on earth is meant by the latter sentence? "but MIDI controller"?? (english is sometimes quite difficult for us foreigners... )