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Topic: Kip's other libraries

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    Kip\'s other libraries

    Kip\'s Boesendorfer is a wonderful library and it has quickly become one of my favorite tools. I noticed however, that his \"Classic Accordions\" and \"Vintage Jazz Guitars & Tenor Banjos\" are not getting mentioned as much as they deserve to be. Now that I\'ve played with them for some time, I\'d like to say that they are very usable and a nice addition to my collection (even though I\'ll probably never be able to use them for orchestral work). Right now I\'m not aware of other accordion libraries. Are there any?
    I found that for my particular needs Kip\'s accordions require a little bit of tweakage in the attacks, but that\'s not a big deal really. In any case, they\'re great to create that \'Mont Martre\' atmosphere...

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    Re: Kip\'s other libraries

    Hi Joe,
    I agree totally about Kips \"Classic Accordions\" and \"Vintage Jazz Guitars & Tenor Banjos\". I recieved them some weeks ago and they are very very good.
    My company POST AUDIO MEDIA has another Accordion disk (in Akai, Kurzweil and Giga formats) that has a large collection of instruments. Check the link below. http://www.postaudiomedia.com/cd\'s.html#Post%20Accordions

    The Accordion disk will be distributed by Biggagiggas soon. It\'s amazing to see many people like accordion samples in their music, despite the fact that playing the accordion samples on a midi keyboard isn\'t the same as playing the real instrument. Bruce Richardson desribed a method to add \"life\" to the sample using a breath controller set to send aftertouch data to my patches (they respond to aftertouch with filetr and amplitude changes).

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    Re: Kip\'s other libraries

    when I first tried out Kip\'s/Bardstowns\'s Vintage Accordians. All I wanted to do is Play a bossanova Groove from The Pink Panther.

    All his libraries have an inspiting sound. They all \"want\" me to play them in the styles they are suited for. Its too bad I\'m not that great with those kinds of styles.


    Inspring..not inspiting

    .....I......Will.....start.....to....ty...p...e... ..sloww.ww.w.w.w..er...

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Kip\'s other libraries

    I\'ve been using the Vintage Jazz Guitars & Tenor Banjos colections for the past few weeks to great effect. As far as I am aware, there\'s nothing else out there at the moment that can really compete.

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    Re: Kip\'s other libraries

    Thank you gentlemen!

    I very much appreciate your compliments!


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