Hi all!

Which is the most recent update of Garritan Studio (GPO Studio) for Mac? Is it compatible with Mac Intel?

Because in Garritan Official Webpage I can only download Garritan Studio v2, and I don't find a new version. When I go to the Application in Mac OS X and I go to get Information, I can see this: "Applitacion (Power PC)". Is this ok?

I try to load some instances of Garritan Personal Orchestra in GPO Studio, and playing all throught Sibelius. But sound is not good, and CPU is overloaded, 100% (visible in GPO Studio). I have tried with less instruments, and it's bad too. What happens? Is GPO studio compatible with Mac Intel?

I read in Internet about a Garritan Studio version 004. What can I download in Garritan page is GarritanStudio003 (Garritan Studio v2). Where can I find a new version?

Thanks! And sorry If I didn't explain correctly, I'm spanish and I don't speak english very well... :-P