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Topic: OMNISPHERE Favourites?

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    OMNISPHERE Favourites?

    I just wondered if it is possible to add patches to a favourites folder, like in RMX?
    Omnisphere is great, but midi learn doesn't work at all for me, I use a M-Audio keystation pro 88 with tons of knobs and faders, but I can't assign anything via midi learn!
    (Logic 8)


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    Re: OMNISPHERE Favourites?

    add the word favourite to the tags of your favourite patches
    when you type favourite into the searchfield you will see a list of all the patches that have that tag.

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    Re: OMNISPHERE Favourites?

    MIDI learn works great here with LOgic 8 and my ancient MIDIBOARD.
    Are you sure you are sending controller data on the correct channel to Omnisphere?

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