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Topic: At my son's Marine Boot Camp Graduation

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    At my son's Marine Boot Camp Graduation

    My wife and I went to San Diego last week to see our youngest son, John Mark graduate from MCRD on Friday. He has changed remarkably. He shipped out on July 1 weighing 212 lbs. Now he is 172 and and looks awesome. Our middle son graduated from MCRD 2 years (in Ramadi now) but was already a very buff guy.

    While there someone came up to me and asked about my University of Evansville T-shirt. He was from Evansville and we had a nice talk. He then asked if I had a GRANDSON graduating from boot camp! My wife and family LOVED that one.

    I told him I was 57 on Sunday, so no grandchildren nearly old enough to be there. I am telling my fellow teachers about that one - they love it!

    So I now have my oldest son in full-time Army National Guard and two in the Marines. By this time next year I may have all three in Iraq or Afghanistan.

    Life just keeps rolling on by. We are very proud of our boys.
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    Re: At my son's Marine Boot Camp Graduation


    Congratulations on your son's graduation. I know you're extremely proud of them and I pray for their safety and for all of the members of our armed forces. Please thank them on my behalf for serving our country in these tough times.


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    Re: At my son's Marine Boot Camp Graduation

    +1 to Jeff's comments. In all the disagreements over whether or not we ought to be there, we too often forget to remember those who are there, willingly doing their jobs. Thanks to you and your sons.
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    Re: At my son's Marine Boot Camp Graduation

    Thank your sons for me for their service to our country.

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    Re: At my son's Marine Boot Camp Graduation

    I am also proud of your "boys". May they return home safely. Express my appreciation to them for their devotion to our country and for their sacrifice.

    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: At my son's Marine Boot Camp Graduation

    Your family is made of guts and steel


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    Re: At my son's Marine Boot Camp Graduation

    Semper Fi !

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    Re: At my son's Marine Boot Camp Graduation

    Thanks to both parents and to the boys for their service. Praying for a safe return!

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