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Topic: Free Mellotron Samples

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    Free Mellotron Samples

    I haven't seen any recent references to Mellotron samples, so here are some samples of my M400:


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    Re: Free Mellotron Samples

    Thank you! Downloading now!

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    Re: Free Mellotron Samples

    Had to fix a couple of bad notes on the M300A and M300B samples:

    http://leisureland.us/audio/MellotronSamples/Mello tronSamples.htm

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    Re: Free Mellotron Samples

    Hey Thanks Brosky.
    I have GMedia's MTron, SI's, Muse's, Pinders, and now yours.
    Some people don't realize how well these mix w/ other Strings.
    I really like loading them into Sample Oscillators on Modular synths and applying other Oscillators and Filters too.
    These will go into Solaris as their size is perfect.

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    Re: Free Mellotron Samples

    Thanks, Taijiguy!

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    Re: Free Mellotron Samples

    Thanks Taijiguy.

    I can't wait to try these.


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    Re: Free Mellotron Samples

    Thanks Tajiguy - very generous of you!!

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    Re: Free Mellotron Samples

    I tried just the C3 samples of each Library in a Sample Oscillator and since they are Lo-Fi in nature, stretching them across the mid range was no problemo. They sound great in Solaris.
    Converted the WAV's to GSI's in GS4/ K2, and the STS series of samplers and they sound nice.
    Some sounds just don't require massive layers, and these are an example of that.
    They also sound great reversed. The STS series allows such editing, afterall some of us need a real sampler sometimes, not just playback.

    Very Nice Job,

    Thanks Again.

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    Re: Free Mellotron Samples

    I consider myself a serious mellotron junkie. And I declare these to be -really- good. A few (the combined choir) is more useful than any other sample I've used (including all the commercial ones.)

    Ya know how people are always going on about how 'every strat sounds different. every mini-moog sounds different.'? Well... most of that is just bollox. But with mellotrons? IT'S REALLY TRUE! You can't just get -one- set of samples, ya gotta get as many as you can because every one has a very different character.

    On top of that, these recordings are quite clean... er... as clean as a mellotron can get.

    AMAZING gift. I thank you profusely for your efforts.


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