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Topic: Symphobia performance in Logic8

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    Symphobia performance in Logic8

    Is anyone else getting sub par performance with symphobia in Logic 8. I have a macpro 8 core with 12gigs ram and I can only load about 8 instances. I then try to add vsl or omnisphere and it just crashes......any performance tips or advice would be great. thanks.

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    Re: Symphobia performance in Logic8

    Hey Mitch,

    I'm running a dual quad-core G5 with 8GB RAM, and I've been able to run a good 5-6 Symphobia instances along with a handful of VI's, each on their own Altiverb, and some additional instruments and Audio Tracks. And what you're running is way more powerful than what I have.... so I can't really help, but I can at least offer a benchmark of sorts.


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    Re: Symphobia performance in Logic8

    i run a macbook pro, and i remember when i first bought the garritan gofriller it constantly crashed logic. the sampler was kontakt player 1 or 2 initially and after they released and update the problem went away completely.

    the point being that no one else with the same setup ever had any issues, there just must have been something weird with my computer that an update fixed. hopefully, an update on the os, logic, or whatever sampler symphobia uses (kontakt i'd imagine) will fix the problem.
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