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Topic: LOP upgrade

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    LOP upgrade

    While going through the update riggamarole with Big Fish today for LOP, I mentioned something about a backup copy of UOP and the sales rep said he would, \"pretend he didn\'t hear that\" as making copies was a violation of the License aggreement. Donnie mentioned in an earlier post that back-ups were fine, but apparantly Big Fish, or at least this particular sales rep, isn\'t aware of this.

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    Re: LOP upgrade

    You should ALWAYS be allowed to make a backup copy, IMHO. CD-roms are delicate media that can easily be damaged. If a license agreement forbids this, I would still just do it, to protect my investement.

    Back in the time when software was delivered on floppies, the license agreement or user documentation often even instructed you to first make a backup copy of the media.

    Obviously this guy thought he heard something else (hehe), ringing his illegal copy bell.

    I mean, if you have a tape drive, they can\'t tell you NOT to backup your Giga-sample folders, can they?


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    Re: LOP upgrade

    And while we\'re on the LOP topic (Lopic?):
    Donnie, last friday I sent an e-mail to info@dssoundware.com about the competitive upgrade offer. Have you seen it?



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    Re: LOP upgrade


    I think the difference here is that maybe the guy from Big Fish regards LOP as a \'cross-grade\' from UOP, in which instance it would be like saying - I\'ll trade in Logic to buy Sonar\', getting the discount for crossgrading, and keeping a backup of Logic.

    I don\'t think the spirit of the crossgrade is to take UOP away from owners, but I think they needed to do something which makes it look like there\'s a reason for the discount on LOP.

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