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Topic: The next president?

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    The next president?

    I of course don't want to start any more political debates, but this news segment caught my attention...


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    Re: The next president?


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    Re: The next president?

    The Garritan Onion?
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    Re: The next president?

    This is what the White House needs.....some GOOD SAMPLES...

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    Re: The next president?

    Quote Originally Posted by Rhap2 View Post
    This is what the White House needs.....some GOOD SAMPLES...

    and at a fair price!


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    Re: The next president?

    My fellow Americans,

    If I am elected, I pledge everyone will get sample libraries. It's the right of every Amercian not to be deprived and have good samples to make music with.

    The current administration had eight years to get sample libraries to the people and didn't get it done. If elected, the first thing I will do about that is have Vice President Sean confer with our allies. And then Sean would present me the options and then Sean would tell me which option to choose.

    Living on Orcas Island, I have had to make tough foreign-policy decisions every day about how we're going to deal with the mainland threat or which ferry to take.

    Because the American people deserve a president who can comfort them with simple sayings, our upcoming Choir library will enable us to sing those comforting words.

    To solve the economic crisis every family will get cash from the feds, rather than it go to the bankers. That's why etLux, my quantum economics adviser, and I propose to change the laws of mathematics in order to give $500,000 to every musician without any cost to the federal treasury. That's spare change we can believe in!

    It's time to look past petty partisanship and elect a sample developer that can get things done.

    I'm Gary Garritan and I approve this message

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    Re: The next president?

    too funny

    GG for President!

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    Re: The next president?

    You Go, Gary!!
    Dayton, Kentucky
    Personally, I'm waiting for caller IQ.

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    Re: The next president?

    To add still further to the immense prestige
    of this esteemed forum, I hereby announce
    my official candidacy for the office of the
    President of These United States...

    Let the mud-slinging begin!

    To wit:

    That Garritan fellow? I say he's got no
    moose-killing experience. And worse, he changes
    his socks every day. Can't he make up his
    mind what color socks he likes? Flip-flopping,
    I say, flip-flopping!


    The Right* Honorable David Sosnowski

    *Okay, okay, so I'm a lefty bleeding heart
    liberal... ya wanna make somethin' of it?

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    Re: The next president?


    Mud slinging? And ruin your dress? Oh my heavens.....
    Ron Pearl





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