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Topic: Re-panning instruments

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    Re-panning instruments

    Okay, the GPO instruments are panned to fit in the orchestral setting. But if I'm using a violin as, say, a solo, how do I change the pan settings so it is in the center. Using the Cubase pan control doesn't seem to do it, so I'm thinking it must be some other setting. How do I change the pan of an instrument like the violin?

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    Re: Re-panning instruments

    Violins are MONO. So set the KP2 slider all the way to the left, where they normally belong. In the sequencer set the MONO/STEREO button to MONO and PAN it to where you want it.

    There were some messages about rendering and MONO/STEREO settings, made by DPDAN (our master of the wave-universe), see this thread


    [all credits go to DPDAN]

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    Re: Re-panning instruments

    Parsing Raymond's response, the pan controls for GPO instruments are in the Kontakt player.

    I think, but do not know for sure, that if you set the panning to the middle in the player, then the pan controls in your DAW will work normally.

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    Re: Re-panning instruments

    Hi, Hong Kong

    Interesting replies you've gotten. As a matter of course, I always set the instruments wherever I want them via the pan controls in the Kontakt Player. You'll see the slider right there next to the volume control.

    Setting up your band/orchestra the way you want in Kontakt is a solid way to work. Then the pan controls in your DAW are kept to the center, so whatever panning you've set up will pipe through accurately.

    Randy B.

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