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Topic: Dan Dean Solo Strings question

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    Dan Dean Solo Strings question


    I just wondered.....I was playing with Dean Dean Solo Strings and I noticed that the solo Viola is sampled real short...is that normal?

    It plays for about 2 seconds, then stops...
    Same goes for violin, but it\'s longer...I use it rather than the viola right now , to sustain long notes (whole notes in particuliar) .

    I also noticed that the samples doesn\'t seem to be velocity sensitive...

    Can anyone tell me what\'s going on? It there a way to fix this?

    I never used Gigastudio editor btw...


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    Re: Dan Dean Solo Strings question

    Check www.dandeanpro.com

    registered users can get updates that loop the samples with ART files.

    To adjust the velocity sensetivity you have to do it in the editor....or maybe there is a new art file.

    I dont own the library so I wouldn\'t really know

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Dan Dean Solo Strings question

    Download the new art.files and when you open them up in the Giga Editor, you must set EACH sound to \"Non Linear\" in the Velocity Response box. After you\'re done doing all of that, SAVE!
    You will then have velocity Response control on Dans strings.

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