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Topic: Vote for Orchestration Challenge 18

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    Vote for Orchestration Challenge 18

    It's time to vote for Orchestral Challenge #18

    As the winner of Challenge 17, RustyCrook (Ken) created the theme for this round.

    Many thanks to Rusty for providing the excellent melody for this challenge episode. Thanks again once more to Sean for organizing and making this happen. And a big thank you to the participants.

    This is a "one-vote-per-person" poll. We'll keep the voting open for about two weeks.

    There were 4 entries this time, and the choices are:

    Entry 1 - http://www.wizardwalk.com/duel2/Entry01_Chall18.mp3
    Entry 2 - http://www.wizardwalk.com/duel2/Entry02_Chall18.mp3
    Entry 3 - http://www.wizardwalk.com/duel2/Entry03_Chall18.mp3
    Entry 4 - http://www.wizardwalk.com/duel2/Entry04_Chall18.mp3

    Have fun and good luck!

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Vote for Orchestration Challenge 18

    Many thanks Gary!!

    Many thanks again to all the participants and to RustyCrook, the challenge setter!

    Tough choice as always, eh?
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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    Re: Vote for Orchestration Challenge 18

    Good job everyone! One of the very interesting features of these challenges is the wide variety of approaches to a given theme, and this challenge was no exception. It was enlightening to hear four very different ways of handling this theme.

    Thanks to everyone for participating.


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    Re: Vote for Orchestration Challenge 18

    Very nice work, people. I am constantly amazed that such fine work can be produced so quickly in response to these competitions. Keep it up.

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    Re: Vote for Orchestration Challenge 18

    Nice work everyone. The themes were handled well, someone more, someone less. But were all great works. Now, let's wait for this poll to close and then, let's wait for the next Orchestration Challenge (where I hope to take part!)
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    Re: Vote for Orchestration Challenge 18

    How marvelous it is to hear such diverse settings of the melody! Thank you for bringing this melody to life with your outstanding artistry and creativity.

    Congratulations to all the participants and good luck!

    Ken Weissman

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    Thumbs up Re: Vote for Orchestration Challenge 18

    A agree, those are four very cool tunes, completely different approaches. Those first two with the beats and percussion had me bobbing my head.

    I'll return for another listen before voting. Congrats to the participants on some great work with these.

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    Re: Vote for Orchestration Challenge 18

    I am amazed by all the different entries. Congratulations to all!
    We dream to write and we write to dream.

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    Re: Vote for Orchestration Challenge 18

    Bravo to all! Nicely done
    In Christ,
    Fishin' Musician

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    Re: Vote for Orchestration Challenge 18

    Certainly a Big Bonus of now finding more time to drop by the Forum at least a few times a week, is to hear music from our membership - as in this Challenge 18.

    Participation has died down since awhile back when we'd have 10 and more entries per challenge. Maybe that can pick up again. I think it could maybe feel challenging to people if they were given only 3 or 4 notes to start from rather than a full melody to work with. Could be interesting.

    Meanwhile, I had a great time listening to these arrangements, and I've voted for what I feel is the most confident and effective recording. But I enjoyed them all.

    Small techno point - At least two of these had a silent gap at the start before the music came in. One was a full 11 seconds. Best to snip that space off when doing the final mastering.

    Applause to Rusty and those who took up his challenge!

    Randy B.

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