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Topic: Patches That Are In Multi That Really Aren't!

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    Patches That Are In Multi That Really Aren't!

    So far on my PPC G5 Dual 2.7 with 8 Gig of ram, running on LP8 things are working great. Had some installation issues. DVD drive (weak laser issues). Maybe related here:

    I've got a different problem and can't seem to figure this one out:

    Load up the Multi: "Aerophonica"

    Next you'll see three patches that comprise that Multi:

    1) Aerophonic Steps
    2) Angelos Tube
    3) Pop Female Ahs

    Problem is, there's just no "Aerophonic Steps" to be found in the Patch Browser. Same thing for "Angelos Tube". There's an "Angelo Tube String", just not the exact "Angelos Tube". Same applies for the "Pop Female Ahs".

    No where, and I've searched right down to the sound source browser, can I find these exact patches. Yes, I have "All" selected in all Directories, Catagories, Genre, Complexity, Author. Yes I refreshed. Yes I re-installed the whole soundsource.db's from the DVD's, yes I installed the latest updates, again tonight, but to no avail.

    I'm asking this because, even though they do indeed play just fine, I want to make sure my patches aren't broken. This same phenomenon applies to almost every (but not all) Multi that I load. Most of the time, I can't seem to find the individual patches (more precisely - their exact names) that are displayed in the multi's patch browser section, or any browser, even after a search.

    Sometimes the exact name shows up in the SoundSource (even though it's showing up in the Patch Browser) And sometimes even more rarely, it does show up in the Patch Browser as it's displayed in the Multi strip, but usually they just can't be found.

    I must be missing something right? Is anyone else seeing this?

    G5 Dual 2.7 gHz Mac OS X (10.4.11) LP8 on HD3 TDM-DTDM

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    Re: Patches That Are In Multi That Really Aren't!

    The Patches that are saved with a multi can be completely unique (and often are).

    All the patches within a Multi are self-contained.

    The Multi doesn't reference patches in the Patch Browser.

    So there are indeed more patches hidden in those multis. :-)

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    Re: Patches That Are In Multi That Really Aren't!



    After a few install hick-ups, mostly from what I believe to be media issues (the cheap lazer on my DVD drive), my experience has been pretty rock solid!

    I'm on Logic 8, PTHD3 running PT7.4/OSX 10.4.11/TDM+DTDM (Core Audio off)/G5 Dual 2.7/8Gig RAM PPC. It opened up right away, pumped audio, and without having to even fiddle around routing midi inside Logic, to the app, it simply played right out of the box. Laying it into a film now.

    Thanks again, Eric,

    Silicon Audio Labs
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