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Topic: Omnisphere and Kore 2 hardware?

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    Omnisphere and Kore 2 hardware?

    Can Omnisphere work with the Kore hardware? I could never get Atmosphere to respond to the 8 knobs. I seem to recall that this was because Kore can't send MIDI cc's through the knobs only it's own propreitary signlas. Am I smokin' crack here or is this correct. It would be really great if I could control Omnisphere with the Kore hardware, without having to launch the Kore software. Omnisphere is pretty big CPU wise and adding a Kore "wrapper" to it would only increase the flames shooting out of the CPU...

    Just curious if any one has managed this,

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    Re: Omnisphere and Kore 2 hardware?

    You can only use the Kore controller with Kore and plugins loaded in Kore. When Kore is not started the controller is dead.

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