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Topic: It is a SONAR question

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    It is a SONAR question

    One can automate almost anything in SONAR, from boiling an egg to fry a chicken, but is there something to automate/record velocities?

    Went thru all manuals..... nothing.


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    Re: It is a SONAR question

    I think I know what you are asking. I'm not sure of the answer.
    You can create a clip envelope (not track envelope) for velocity.
    You can also "Renote Control" the velocity trim for a midi track (right click, then 'learn' or whatever).
    I've never done any of these.
    Sonar also has MIDI 'volume', but envelope and setting, but I'm not sure what it does.

    This thread on Sonar forum addresses it

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    Re: It is a SONAR question


    next tuesday I will try this. Being off to Belgium, my grandson.


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    Re: It is a SONAR question

    There is a "Scale Velocities" command in SONAR that I have used to create crescendos and decrescendos. You enter the starting and ending velocity that you want and it scales all attacks between. You can have it scale by percentage (0-100%) or by absolute values (0-127). Hope this helps!
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    Re: It is a SONAR question

    Also don't forget the LINE tool in the Piano roll view! This allows you to draw in linear velocity curves pretty easily and quickly.

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    Re: It is a SONAR question

    Hi folks,

    the other velocity settings are known. I just wondered if the setting could be automatized, like the dB's in the equalizer section, or else. I am using Overture and with piano parts with multiple voice it is rather difficult to get the dynamics right (hairpins, etc.) It is possible to set them in Ov. but the playback reaction sometimes fails. So I output all with the same Velocity in the midi file... and wanted to adjust them with automated recording or else.


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    Re: It is a SONAR question

    I'm away from my studio, but I think there might be a way. There is a Cakewalk MIDI plug-in that can adjust velocities real-time. Most likely, there is a way to automate its parameters with an envelope. Can't promise, though, but that's where I would look.

    As to the "scale velocities," it's one of my more used functions along with a custom "scale CC#1" CAL script I wrote. I have the two of them mapped to extra buttons on my "multimedia" mouse so that they are both available at the click of my thumb.
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