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Topic: Omnisphere Crashes Cubase v.4.1.3

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    Omnisphere Crashes Cubase v.4.1.3

    Hi everyone. We've been having some major problems with Omnisphere and I'm writing to see if any of you have any ideas for us.

    We are running an 8-core 3.0GHz Windows XP machine with 3GB of RAM and using Cubase v.4.1.3 as our host sequencer. Cubase crashes immediately as soon as we try loading an instance of Omnisphere. We tried unloaded all of the other VST instruments we had loaded and Omnisphere still causes a crash upon loading.

    I've read about the 3GB switch and we've already got that activated on our machine. We've also downloaded all of the most recent updates offered by Spectrasonics. At this point the plugin is entirely unusable and we've been waiting for three days to hear back from Spectrasonics tech support after 4 phone calls and an email.

    Any information you have would be much appreciated.


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    Re: Omnisphere Crashes Cubase v.4.1.3

    Hi Nick,
    Welcome.I've had similar issues with Cubase 4.5.2 ,but it's not an immediate crash per say ,but rather when trying to unload an Omnisphere instance,but again it's very unpredicatable on my machine.I haven't found anyway to remedy it other then this, if you are using Omni as an Instrument track instead try loading it as a VSTI instrument from the vsti drop down window.Save it to the project if it's possible to do so before the crash.
    Hopefully it's a minor thing,I've sent a project file to tech support for them to analyze or check it,but I think it would tell more in the cubase 4 crash logs, hopefully soon they can fix it..
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