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Topic: Stradivari Violin Issues

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    Stradivari Violin Issues


    I'm looking for how to turn on the "Note-On Velocity", and I'm having the hardest time finding it... I must have played around for about 2 hours the other night. Haha...

    I'm on a Mac using Kontakt 3.

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    Re: Stradivari Violin Issues

    Hello, illustrationism
    I'm not sure what you mean by turning on "note on velocity." With a velocity sensitive keyboard, which most are, you automatically get a constantly changing range of velocity values.

    Maybe you're asking how to get volume variations? If so - note that The Strad has its volume controlled by MIDI Controller #11. That's the CC value out put from an Expression pedal. It can also be drawn in via the Piano Roll View of a sequencer.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Stradivari Violin Issues


    I do not have an expression pedal, unfortunately. I am using a velocity-sensitive keyboard, and it's just not working like it does with other sounds I have. With the Stradivari Solo Violin, it seems to ignore the velocity.

    As far as the "Note-On Velocity", I'm talking about the one referenced in this video around 1:28 -

    Unless it's something strange that Kontakt is doing... Though I've used Kontakt with other instruments and the velocity worked just fine.

    Any help would be great.

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    Re: Stradivari Violin Issues

    Hi, Good to hear from you again, David.

    To be more precise, I understand the term "note on velocity," I just wasn't sure what about it wasn't working for you.

    You have a velocity sensitive keyboard, so that is how you'll be controlling the articulations of the Violin, but not the volume.

    You said this isn't working like your other instruments. That's correct. Most instruments use velocity for volume, but The Strad does not. It's not "ignoring" velocity though - in The Strad, velocity determines the nature of the note's attack, slow bow to fast.

    I'm glad you found the You Tube demo - In it, you see everything you need for controlling the instrument. That coupled with the manual that comes with The Strad, you really should be getting it figured out.

    Notice in the video, there's an inserted PIP showing the use of the Expression Pedal. That's the only way to get variations of volume with The Strad. Watching the PIP, you can see how the characteristic volume swells on every note are controlled that way.

    I don't have an Expression Pedal either. I program my keyboard's wheel fo CC11 when I want to play The Strad. Then, in the MIDI editing window of Sonar (Piano Roll View) I can fine tune the resulting CC11 data.

    You probably have something of the sort, so that you can get the instrument playing the way you want.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Stradivari Violin Issues

    Hi rbowser.

    You mentioned the expression pedal and Mod wheel. I have neither. My keyboard doesn't even have the jack for an expression pedal.

    In the video, I can see that he's able to control the volume using his velocity-sensitive keyboard. I want to know how to accomplish that, as it's not doing that by default.

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    Re: Stradivari Violin Issues

    Hello again - OK, here's some things you really need to do:

    --Listen to what I'm saying. This will be the third time I've explained to you that VELOCITY DOES NOT CONTROL VOLUME in The Strad.

    --Look at the video more closely. The insert shot is showing that it is his FOOT controlling the volume via his Expression pedal.

    --Read the manual that came with the instrument. If you don't have the manual, then it can't be a bonafide copy of the instrument. The manual explains everything I've mentioned in thorough detail.

    Without doing the above, you won't get anywhere with the library, because you're insisting that it work in a way that it doesn't.

    Apparently you don't work with a Sequencer, like Sonar? With software like that, you can fill in all the gaps you may have in your hardware keyboard. Like I mentioned I don't have an Expression Pedal either, but I can program my keyboard's wheel to send the NECESSARY CC11.

    If you're trying to play The Strad in real time like in the video demo---that's a very lofty goal. And the first thing you'll need to do is get a keyboard like what you're seeing in the video. WIthout such a keyboard, you will never get a proper sound out of The Strad.

    I guarantee you, 100% of what I've told you is correct.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Stradivari Violin Issues

    Hey, no need to be a jerk. You obviously did not watch the part of the video I'm referring to, ergo you are misunderstanding. It's ok, I'll explain again for you.

    Since you seem to think I'm an idiot and are quite capable of expressing yourself in those terms, I'll try an dumb things down on a step-by-step basis, so listen carefully to what I'm saying.

    - Go to this video and fast-forward to 1:28 (1:26 is the closest). The screen will go black and read "Control: Note-On Velocity"

    - Watch the clip for about 10 seconds (1:28 - 1:38) as it previews the use of this guy's touch-sensitive keyboard and its effect on the velocity.

    - Note that there is no implication that he is using the expression pedal during that sequence. You were watching the wrong sequence.

    If you don't know how he's doing that other than saying "He must be using the expression pedal", then just say so, there's no reason to be hostile. By the way, I'm using Logic Pro, but I'm new to it and to Kontakt.
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    Re: Stradivari Violin Issues

    Hey, hey, hey. You're the one who is hostile. You are the one calling people "jerk". So ease off and read Randy's messages carefully. Afterall, he is the one who knows the Stradivari, not you.

    CC#11 does control volume/timbre. If you don't have an expression pedal you can either draw the controller data in your sequencer's piano roll editor or maybe program one of your keyboard's sliders/knobs to send CC#11 data, if it has this feature.

    Note ON velocity controls attack strength (legato/portamento strength, when two notes overlap) and that is what you see/hear in the clip, you refer to.

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    Re: Stradivari Violin Issues

    I called him a jerk because he was being a jerk. He can call me one right back if he wants. lol

    Listen, no hard feelings here. All I'm saying is that what's being shown in the video between 1:28 and 1:38 does not happen for me, and I want to know how to have it happen. What rbowser is saying is that the expression pedal controls volume. Yes, I understand that, and that's not my question.

    He is misunderstanding what I want to accomplish and getting frustrated at what is basically his lack of understanding about what my real issue is. The problem is a very simple one, which for some reason is not being communicated upon very well.

    Since the Note-On Velocity controls attack strength (as is demonstrated) then I want to know how to activate / use that feature. Please remember that this is not happening for me automatically. The Strad Violin may not use velocity to control volume, but what I want to know is how to achieve what is shown in that small segment of the video. That's it.

    You can flaunt your superior knowledge of the Strad all day, but if you can't tell me something that the manual doesn't already tell me, it's not helpful.
    Sakari Infinity, Supporting game music and musicians everywhere

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    Re: Stradivari Violin Issues

    Ok, I figured it out...

    In Kontakt, you have to add a modulator (or edit a modulator) for "velocity", and have it effect "volume". Right now, many of the modulators have MIDI CC 11 controlling volume, if you change them to "velocity" instead of MIDI CC, then you'll be able to adjust the volume using the velocity.

    I ordered one of these, which should help tremendously with timbre (since the touch-sensitive velocity obviously isn't the best way):

    Thanks for the help you guys offered. I hope someone, someday benefits from this little bit of information on Kontakt. :P
    Sakari Infinity, Supporting game music and musicians everywhere

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