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Topic: New Song :^)

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    Smile New Song :^)


    Just wanted to post a little thing I did awhile ago . . having too much fun with all these new toys coming out.

    Hope it's ok to post it here -


    It's part of a 3 section suite I'm working on . . . playing with rhythms.

    Take care,


    Larry Ortega
    LJ Productions Inc.

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    Re: New Song :^)

    Awesome Larry! Love your stuff. :-)

    What all are you using there?


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    Re: New Song :^)

    Oh yeah- really creative. Love the line at the end.

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    Re: New Song :^)

    Hi ,

    Thank you both Eric and Artsoundz for the compliments.

    First . . . , I just want to take this time to thank Eric and the whole Spectrasonics Team for Omnisphere . . it is with out a doubt one of the most inspiring instrument's I have ever worked with.

    I sat one night playing with one patch and came up with about 26 new instruments from that one patch . . . . we've re-named it in the studio here " The Grin Machine".

    Because every time we turn it on . . . . we all get this freaky joker grin on our face . . . :^)

    Anyway . . . . .

    I actually wrote most of this song about 2 months ago when testing out a new product . . but recently just had some time to work on it again.

    It's from only the "Extended Content" of the instrument "Evolve".

    I'm also working on about 5 new song's using Omnisphere and RMX. . . .

    I think we're so very lucky to have Developer's like you to create these instruments for us to use and see how far we can push the limits of our thinking and writing abilities . . .

    It's the only thing that keeps me sane in a insane world . . :^)

    Thanks again,


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    Re: New Song :^)

    Larry you rock.
    Your sense of rhythm continues to amaze me.
    Are you a drummer?


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    Re: New Song :^)

    dang thats awesome. I need to jump into omnisphereland lol

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    Re: New Song :^)


    Your musical vision is nothing short of astounding! I love the fact that you tapped into some of the "glitch" capabilities in EVOLVE. I had to listen to it several times before I could see straight again. Really fantastic stuff!

    On a side note, we wanted to congratulate you, Eric, on the release of another ground-breaking world class product. Neil just fired it up for the first time, and we're impressed (as usual) with the attention to detail and sheer tweakability of the instrument.


    "Sample Your Future"

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    Re: New Song :^)

    Thanks guys for the compliments . . !

    Between " Evolve " and " Omnisphere " I'm freakin out over here . . . . :^)
    Too much fun , too much inspiration . . so little time.

    Hi Hans ! - Yes I'm a drummer . . . :^)

    Hopefully have some more music to post soon . . . These instruments are pretty wild to get into . . and so much you can do with them.

    Thanks again,

    Take care,


    Larry Ortega
    LJ Productions Inc.

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    Re: New Song :^)

    yum. great stuff..! thanks for sharing.


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