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Topic: Hypersonic drives me crazy, please help :)

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    Hypersonic drives me crazy, please help :)


    I have a chronic problem with Steinberg's Hypersonic 2, I hope this is the right place to post about this. Here's what happens:

    I make a piece using a Hypersonic instance and a few patches loaded in it, and everything is okay. I save my work and shut down the computer. Then, I come back the next morning and start Cubase and load my project to resume work, and Hypersonic will have some of its patches/channels muted. Not only are they mute, but if a note is triggered on them, it then mutes ALL of Hypesonic. In fact, it's not really a mute, because there's nothing I can do to get the sound back, and I checked all the controllers and there is nothing suspicious. I really smells like Hypersonic's audio output crashes internally. The only work-around I found is to move the faulty patches to a new instance of Hypersonice, but next time I will load the project, this instance is likely to get screwed up too!!

    This doesn't happen with all projects, but once it happens with one, it will happen everytime I load it, restarting cubase or the computer won't help.

    This is driving me crazy since it makes it near impossible to work, and Hypersonic has been discontinued (THANK YOU MR STEINBERG) so I guess there's no update to fix that.

    I'm running Cubase Studio 4.5.2 under Windows XP SP2, on a AMD dual code 6000+, 4 gb RAM (/3GB switch). (Same problem with Cubase Studio 4.0.2)
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    Re: Hypersonic drives me crazy, please help :)

    Known issue.. My work around is to bounce it down to audio.. And use the channel notepad to write the correct patch, freeze the instrument recall later when they decide to fix it. It's hard to say why they haven't fixed it by now.
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    Re: Hypersonic drives me crazy, please help :)

    >It's hard to say why they haven't fixed it by now.

    Probably because it's now in the "Legacy Products" section of Steinberg's website, so I guess it's discontinued and won't be supported.

    I think, after a good hour and half of fighing, that I have figured out part of the problem. It has something to do with the volume controller (CC7).

    I managed to get the sound back on those tracks by setting CC7 to something, which is weird because originally there is no such controller in my tracks. But the problem isn't completely solved, because it seems Hypersonic sill arbitrary changes the channel volume even if there's no controller entered for that.

    So, I have entered a CC7 at 80 at the beginning of my track, and it is THE ONLY CC7 CONTROLLER IN THE TRACK. Nonetheless, if I move the cursor in cubase or start playing after that controller (to edit a certain part), you can see the volume fader going back to 100 on its own, for no reason! Kind of if Hypersonic has a volume "memory" and I don't know why it refuses to accept that maybe the volume I set at the beginning of the track is supposed to stay this way.

    I'll just send that channel to a separate outpu and mix from there, but that's annoying. Hope it helped someone.

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    Re: Hypersonic drives me crazy, please help :)

    Back this monday, loaded the project to resume work. Things are ****ed up again, I can't take it anymore
    My previous fix didn't work and seem to have worked totally randomly last friday. I can't get the audio back on those 2 channels and if I play on them all of Hypersonic's outputs get cut off.

    I wish there was a low to keep bug fixes mandatory for discontinued products.
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    Re: Hypersonic drives me crazy, please help :)

    Me again !

    I could nail it down to only one patch that systematically prevents the project from loading properly next time. It's "Motown Bass". It sounds awesome by the way, wow seriously.

    So right now my workaround is having one separate instance of Hypersonic just for this patch, this way when I load my project the next day and it doesn't work, everything else works. I then have to kill that instance and make a new one each time.

    If someone has a better workaround or an idea of why this patch would make the audio engine bug, I would really appreciate they share their light. Thank you.

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