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Topic: Keyboard Magazine's Rave Review of the Steinway

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    Keyboard Magazine's Rave Review of the Steinway

    Forgive me if this has already been discussed - I'm so out of touch, I don't know if someone already posted a thread on this or not.

    --side note---I tried to do a Forum search to see if there was a previous thread, but as always, I got an error message which prevents me from doing any searching. It's Always been like that for me---??

    Surely most if not all of you saw that in the Keyboard Magazine we're enjoying thanks to the give-away during the Garritan-go-round - that in the big lead article comparing all the leading virtual pianos, the Garritan Steinway gets a complete rave review. Very prominently listed review also, first instrument covered after the article's introduction.

    The reviewer emphasizes that the truly outstanding thing about Gary's Steinway is that you can really feel like you're sitting at a real-world, big, beautiful Steinway instead of playing a sampled piano. The nuance and detail of the library is that good. And I certainly agree!

    Excellent - I was so happy to see that article. I hope it helped the sales, surely it did.

    ----Everyone's already talked about this, yes? - I'm Trying to catch up here, I've been absent so much in the last few months!

    Randy B.

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    Re: Keyboard Magazine's Rave Review of the Steinway

    Just curious. How did EWQL-Pianos rate in the article?

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    Re: Keyboard Magazine's Rave Review of the Steinway

    Hi, tmhuud - Thanks for the response.

    East West Quantum Leap Pianos got an excellent review also.

    Something I really appreciate about the way Keyboard (in the current October issue) did this piano round up is that they didn't really pit the instruments against each other. They didn't make it a contest, with charts of ratings and that sort of thing. They just reported on the features of the 10 pianos they reviewed.

    About the Garritan Steinway, one thing they said was "...Players identified Garritan Steinway as a Steinway more often and more quickly than any other virtual piano..."

    Something they said about EWQL is "...the biggest, most ambitious sampled piano project ever, with the sound quality to prove it. You'll need a bad- computer to play the full-size presents with abandon..."

    A lot of folks here probably saw this article because of a nice deal Gary made with Keyboard Mag - we're receiving 6 month subscriptions for free.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Keyboard Magazine's Rave Review of the Steinway

    Thanks man for pointing that out. That is a fair way of presenting product. Seems kosher.

    As far as pianos go one MUST own them all. One can never have too many!

    Rock on,

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