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Topic: Missing instruments?

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    Missing instruments?

    I just installed the GPO that I bought a long time ago. Please don't ask. It's version 1.

    I was looking at the tutorial on string section building on the GPO site and noticed that the GPO there has more instrument patches than I have.

    For example, I don't have violins chr1,2,3 or ks solo for any of the violins.

    Do these come with the upgrade to Kontakt player 2 or do I have to do something else to get the extra instruments?

    The tutorials also mention ensemble patches.
    I'm not sure if I have those either.


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    Re: Missing instruments?

    Hi, PT - I think you haven't gotten replies because it's perplexing what you present in your post here.

    There are other Forum members much more technically savvy than I am - maybe boosting your post to the top will attract their attention.

    But I do have some advice - That you step through the process of upgrading your GPO. Go to the Native Instruments site, sign up, register your GPO and then - oh my, it can be a bit confusing what to do. I'm sure there's a sticky post on upgrading that can help you out.

    Basically, you need to get your GPO into Kontakt Player 2, with all fixes and changes that have accumulated.

    I don't know what you mean by "violins CHR"--? The Ensemble instruments are now called "Players" and are the ones you build sections with, less complex than the lead soloists they're based on, but those aren't "extra instruments"--they're part of the basic GPO library. There are a few KS solos for each instrument also.

    With some time and effort, your old copy of GPO will get fixed up. See what you can find at NI - and let's try to get some feedback from someone who can give you some more specifics.

    Randy B.

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