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Topic: Full mono mode?

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    Full mono mode?

    Is there a way to get full mono mode?
    By this I mean If I press a key and while holding key 1 I then press another key (2) so that now note 2 plays. Then when I release key 2 the sound reverts back to key 1 which has been held throughout.

    This is very important especially for solo instruments.
    This is how many instruments work.
    Having to re-trigger each note with a key-press makes the playing choppy and requires an excessive keyboard expertise which would be unnecessary with a full mono mode.

    I can only find a way to set to one voice which is not the same.

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    Re: Full mono mode?

    Set the polyphony to 1.
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    Re: Full mono mode?

    Setting poly to 1 doesn't do what I am asking. I have tried that.
    That of what I meant in the last sentence of what I wrote.

    With ply set to 1 the sound jumps to the 2nd note played, but when I release the 2nd note the sound doesn't go back to the 1st note, which I have been holding down the entire time.

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    Re: Full mono mode?

    OK, now I see what you mean. This is the trill mode.

    I know that the Garritan solo instruments have this (Strad and Gofriller), and also VSL. I am not sure about GPO though.
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