Snorlax will be conducting Sunday SNORCHAT as usual...less than THREE HOURS from the time of this posting (1:30 pm Indianapolis time):

4pm (1600 hrs) in Indianapolis and New York
3pm in Chicago (1500 hrs)
1pm Garri-time on Orcas (1300 hrs)
10am Hawaii time (GMT-10) NEW
I don't know or care what time in California NOT NEW. Ask Ern's neighbor what time it is in California.
8pm GMT (2000 GMT)
9pm UK Monaghan/Buckshead Time (2100 hrs for another 2 weeks, then back to GMT)

These times are posted as a courtesy for the millions of SNORCHAT fans throughout the world who desire to participate in this life-changing event.

Please do NOT miss this opportunity to interact with other fans, worldwide as well as from other galaxies...the admins have agreed to open chatrooms SNORCHAT 1 through SNORCHAT 47 to accomodate all the traffic. I have had to promise that the traffic would not crash the server. Sun Ra has promised a visit from outer space!! If he doesn't appear, etLux will!!!