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Topic: Melodyne

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    Re: Melodyne

    Ssounds really revolutionairy!

    Check all the demos at http://www.celemony.com/melodyne/Demos.html and read the notes


    This must be a great tool for editing sample libraries as well.

    King, jump in!

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    Re: Melodyne

    Actually I\'ve been a fan of Melodyne for a while. i had the demo version on the Mac and did alot of cool things with it. Tho it was kind of buggy and not perfected yet.

    Also its like freaking 900 bucks. I\'m waiting for the VSTi version to comeout that will be amazing.

    Anyhow, yeah Melodyne is pretty sweet. Its old news to me ;P MWAHAHAHA

    seriously tho. What I want to see is a good formant Shifting NFX plug in that reacts to Pitch Wheel information! Imagine realtime bends that stay in formant.

    Melodyne will read Midi info soon tho and I\'ll be able to devise a way to process files after the fact

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Melodyne

    Hi King
    I spoke with the author of Melodyne and I\'m afraid the VST version will take another year or so.
    I have the Mac version of Meldoyne and it\'s rock steady - never crashed my Mac! It is a kind of a processor eater (and memory!). But the results are incredible: your pitch bend with real-time shifting formants is no point in Melodyne. You can even correct the tempo, formants and pitch in real-time. This is only true for recorded monophonic lines, but then again...it sounds really amazing.
    I did some sweet tricks with piano and organ samples (making a piano sustain for 3 minutes...)and I\'m sold.


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    Re: Melodyne

    Michiel. I found melodyne just felt really slow, not so much that it crashed. It is a very cool app

    the formant shift thing is something I\'d want done while I play. Not something I maually adjust in a file. Melodyne doesn\'t accept MIDI...or does it? I might have missed it on the MAC. didn\'t use it everyday during the demo period and lost out on some time to fiddle.

    I REALLY like the software but also find new limitations. I think I\'ve just gotten to far ahead in the \"I want this\" category. I think I will be happy in another 3-4 years when there is more going on in the frequency domain

    Anyhow, this demo wont load on my laptop... grrr

    how stable is the beta? I want to install it on my desktop tomorrow but I\'m not really into putting something that may dump it. Especially since I\'m working on a project at the mo\'

    I really dug the stretching too. It works extremely well on sustaining instruments. Vibrato instruments can get quirky it really depends on the instrument and the response curve. I dont think I would have used it to do the Grand Detache edits. Maybe a little for the piano files. Which was somehting i was thiking of doing.... maybe I will now.
    what it will be fantastic for is to get multiple variations of staccatto notes and the like. Alsoi for my work I need to build VERY VERY VERY small loops and using melodyne to stretch out stuff to REALLY long samples will give me more looping options since the tones will be more consistant. I\'m sure I can get into single digit cycles on any instrument loop with Melodyne, that are TINY

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Melodyne

    You need DirectX 8 to run the demo. Apart from the problems that DX8 may bring to your soundcard the demo is stable. It lacks the export function (so you can just use it to play and perhaps capture the output). Stable? I\'m running it without crashes.
    It has a strange feel when editing; it takes a little time to respond to certain instructions. But all in all it works smooth (but not fast).
    I agree that this program will be a diamond when it\'s a available as a plug-in for real-time playing.
    I\'ll suggest your midi inputs for adjusting real-time changes to the developers.

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    Re: Melodyne

    Michiel I\'ll pop onto the Beta Mailing list.

    I am running DX8 on this laptop. Had to install it for SF5 and Acid 3.0 AND Vegas Video. Maybe its a newr version I\'ll check it out and cross my fingers that It doesn\'t screw up the laps performance. Damn Microsoft.

    If I ever pick up the actual software, I wonder if I should get it on Mac or PC. I hate transfering files back and forth, but I wonder which one will perform better in the long run.

    I\'ve been a fan of formant shifting ever since I got my VS 880 HD recorder and then when I moved up to the 1680 even more so.

    Melodyne has, by far, the best algorithms I\'ve played with. I haven\'t played with the VariPhrase setup from roland, but it its based on their VS formant shifting then I lliked Melodynes better. I still find that other plug ins are very usefull as shifters. However Melodyne has that great timee stretching as well. It is by far the best app out there for this kind of stuff and I hope it gets more attention and grows to be more than a multitrack mixer the way it is. Its very possible that it could become a main part of a DAW. POssibly when processers can keep up with it.

    If you do speak with the developer regularly ask if, when and how MIDI will be implimented. I know they want to be able to export MIDI data similar to what \"digital Ear\" does. however if they could get Melodyne to respond to a MIDI file thats related to an audio file thats beeen rendered from the MIDI, they could automatically adjust formants

    or better yet. Play back the MIDI with using one \"sample\" of a note

    think about that for a second...

    grab a solo performance audio file. Use Melodyne to get the pitch and volume data, then have melodyne reproduce it with a sample full with Formant shifts and its \"mock\" vibrato. (Tremelo and pitch and formant still wont recreate vibrato IMO....but its much better than all so far and would probably get by...if the vibrato is already in the sample thats even better ) As you can see I\'ve been very excited about this apps prospects for some time

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Melodyne

    Hi King,
    The vibrato issue is not quite solved in Melodyne in my opinion. Melodyne enables you to amplify or attenuate the existing vibrato. But when you time stretch a sample very long the vibrato becomes useless (artificial as it\'s no longer time-related to the original performance). You then would want to add new vibrato, right? Melodyne let\'s you remove the existing vibrato, but the creation of new vibrato isn\'t implemented. I guess this is a small step for the programmers as the transition for tone to tone (between the pitches) can be influenced at will. So the vibrato must be a similar process.
    Mac or PC? Why not both! I use Melodyne on a Mac and work with samples on my network drives (both PC and Mac). This is no problem. My Mac is older than my PC\'s so it\'s slower. Then I use ProTools Mix+ on the mAc so I can easily transfer takes from ProTools to Melodyne and vice versa. When you\'re multi-track editor is on different machine the transfers take longer (network). But for the rest I see no advantages in any of the two platforms.
    Midi is implemented. You can export your melodies as midi files. Export them in a sequencer and build controller data on that.
    The midi data isn\'t always exacly what the melody is, there are some musical differences. Obviously Peter is using a musical interpreter for the midi data.

    When you bounce the Melodyne soundfile to your sequencer you can use all sorts of VST2 plug-ins and VSTi\'s to fiddle with the new melody.
    But real-time!!! That would make you a super magician with sounds! I will talk to Peter soon and talk about this. They are working very hard on the Windows version. I know they focus on performing artists who want to use samples life. When the program runs under VST2 that will be a big step forwards.

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    Re: Melodyne

    Hey King - are you serious?
    A software that takes a polyphonic audio file and generates a midi file with pitch and volume data for the voices? If thats true I look like a idiot - I keep on saying this comes ways after decent speech recognition...
    I\'m following the development of melodyne since the first announcement and still wait for stereo. but polyphonic?

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    Re: Melodyne

    Yup polyphonic.

    Its now way perfect. Still its pretty amazing for what it does.



    does monophonic lines pretty well.

    I only have the demos of both, and am considering picking up both soon. I like Digital ears CC capture better than Intelliscore so far. but Intelli score will do poly.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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