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Topic: A very different gig

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    A very different gig

    A musician who underwent brain surgery to treat a hand tremor played his banjo throughout to test the success of the procedure.

    Eddie Adcock is one of the pillars of Bluegrass Music and realised his tremor could threaten his ability to perform professionally.

    Surgeons placed electrodes in Mr Adcock's brain and fitted a pace maker in his chest which delivers a small current which shuts down the region of his brain causing the tremors.

    A surgeon filmed the operation at the Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee.

    Linky with video

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    Re: A very different gig

    This is cool and is part of a major advancement in medicine

    . It's being used a lot for Parkinsons patients and most recently for debilitating depression. It's been overwhelmingly successful. So much so that insurance companies are rising to the occasion and paying for the procedures that were considered experimental not too long ago.

    At least with medicine. the future is bright.

    Now, I'd like to see a drummer do this.

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