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Topic: Got My BT libraries today

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    Got My BT libraries today

    Jus tot let you know

    Breakz comes with an Audio CD AND a Wave CD

    and the Twisted textures CD is two Audio CDs.

    twisted also comes with loop points written in the liner notes of the CD. Which is way cool IMO. I mean its still a pain in the *** to program but its less tedious with these.... well if you aren\'t good at loopingin the first place if you know your way around looping then you just appreciate the liner notes that much more, whether or not you\'ll use them

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Got My BT libraries today

    I have the Breakz and I love it. There\'s a lot of material here, all of which sounds good and has a unique style. Very edgy and hip. My only complaint is I wish they had an Akai or Giga CD-ROM because I\'ve been assembling patches for days now. King, how are the twisted textures?

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    Re: Got My BT libraries today

    Hi King
    welcome to the club, I got twisted textures last week - but since you keep on suggesting interesting software to check out I didnt have time to realy dive into it. Luckily I got the giga version and dont have to look for loop points...
    have fun

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    Re: Got My BT libraries today

    Never mind about the akai/giga version. I see there is one. There wasn\'t when I bought it.

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    Re: Got My BT libraries today

    Hey guys

    I\'m diggin TT. Its really cool. great if you like that Distorted Reality type stuf..whch I love

    I REALLy dig Breakz. Its one of the best loop CDs I\'ve ever purchased. Its one of those truely inspiring CDs.

    I dont think having the CDRom version of Breakz over the Audio/Wave version is worth it. Especially for me, since I planned to use the loops in Acid, and Rex stuff. Its the only way to work with loops IMO.

    now twisted textures. that one is worth buying the Rom version if you aren\'t good with looping and splitting files. I can get through the textures CD in a few hours I\'m sure.

    I cant believe how inspiring the breakz are. They are freaking great. Everything has major attitude. I can\'t believe the price either.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Got My BT libraries today

    the only thing I wish i had was a list of the program names in a text file I jsut dont want to type out those weird names in TTextures

    hey fmfgs did you get the CDROM version? How the instruments laid out?

    maybe I can get ya to grab a list of the instruments in a DOS file huh huh?

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Got My BT libraries today

    hi King!

    I have the BT textures CD Rom. I actually bought the audio CD the minute it came out, but then when they released the ROM version I upgraded. The upgrade was cool!! You get to KEEP your audio CD\'s and get the ROM for half price so it works out CHEAPER than getting the Rom in the first place and you end up with BOTH!!

    (Is Donnie listening?! )

    Anyway, the Rom is laid out with the headings (moods) then nested within these is the textures, just like the liner notes in the audio booklet. EG When you open up \"Disturbed Frantic Textures\" (clicking on the square) this opens the list of \"Voice of Reason\" \" Fuzzy Falls\" etc.

    Loading in just \"voice of reason\" actually loads in all of the \"Disturbed Frantic\". If you open the editor you\'d see in the instrument baknk all the patches relating to that mood. PLUS a disturbed Frantic \"ALL\" patch that contains all the textures from that mood laid out across an ocatave or whatever. (Just like the Roland \"menu\" patches did on the S760).

    Fans of Disorted Reality should love these CDs.

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    Re: Got My BT libraries today

    aha... I\'ll jsut make the programs myself then shouldn\'t be too difficult only 200 different samples or so

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    Re: Got My BT libraries today

    I\'m a big fan of the Distorted Reality stuff. Does Twisted Textures have any weird tuned percussive type stuff on it or is it all ambient pads and layers?

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    Re: Got My BT libraries today

    hey damon

    Sorry keep missing ya. I\'m on the laptop mostly right now.

    From the little I\'ve played with it, its mostly pads and ambiences. I havent\' come accross anything percussive.

    breakz is the percussive one tho its more like hectic loops

    Really...I am an Idiot

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