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Topic: Problems with Stylus RMX & 10.5.5

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    Problems with Stylus RMX & 10.5.5

    To any kind stranger,

    I have a Mac Pro 2.8 Ghz 8 core, Logic 8.0.2, and Stylus RMX. Yesterday I opened up Logic and tried to open up stylus RMX and it gave me a weird error when I opened the file that had the plugin "Missing element,.....(name of the patch).... Can't Find this element b/c it has not been installed on your computer or has moved to another folder" But I hadn't changed anything. The only thing I can figure what might had caused it was upgrading to Mac OSX 10.5.5. I tried opening a new session, but it shows that I don't have anything installed in the plugin. So I look on my HD where I instaleed the sound files and a strange thing occured. I do not see the sounds files and the sage folder is empty. I had installed it on a secondary HD and it worked till then. So I tried reinstalling Stylus RMX with all the updates and have the same problem. I know there must be a genius willing to help me! Please!

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    Re: Problems with Stylus RMX & 10.5.5

    LOL i created an account just to post this.

    I had the exact same problem after doing a complete reinstall and update on my new MacBook Pro. I eventually figured out that my Core Library folder was missing a few databases (see the official support page for what the complete folder contents should look like) so I copied them over manually from the DVDs.

    Not sure if that's the recommended method for solving this problem but it got me up and running.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: Problems with Stylus RMX & 10.5.5

    Over at Pro Tools they always stress not to use Software Updater to update your OS....they say go over to Apple and use the combo updater there.

    Also always repair permissions and as a rule of thumb I wait to see if my DAW has been approved on the latest OS version before I do the update. I realize your platform is different from Pro Tools....just some other ideas.
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