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Topic: Compare in Omni.?

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    Question Compare in Omni.?

    Hi.Perhaps I have totally missed the way to do it..But how do you compare your edits to the original patch..Or is it best not to do,due to the large mb that some samples bring with them..? JON

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    Re: Compare in Omni.?

    Patch Compare is on the wishlist. :-)

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    Re: Compare in Omni.?

    This is sort of on topic here, but I've had a number of times where I wish you could turn back the clock. To many times not saving a patch, because I decided to tweek some more, as that great sound I had, withered away. Any chance for the undo?

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    Re: Compare in Omni.?

    Undo is much tougher to do than it might seem.

    Understand how useful that would be though. :-)

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    Re: Compare in Omni.?

    Quote Originally Posted by spectrum View Post
    Undo is much tougher to do than it might seem.

    Understand how useful that would be though. :-)
    How about a session save button? You would use it at your leisure. What it would do is perform a save about every 30 seconds or so to an Omnisave folder. The files might be named automatically, save1, save2, save3, save4 .......... save89. They stay on your hard drive as long as you remain in that instance of Omni, If you close out that instance of Omni, all saved files in Omnisave folder get erased. That wouldn't be complicated, would it?

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    Re: Compare in Omni.?

    That's probably less complicated.

    We'll put that on the wishlist.

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    Re: Compare in Omni.?

    Here's what I do to prevent the library from getting floaded with "in between save patches":

    I simply click the disk Icon in the VSTi window...and save the patch with a name...and a 1 or 2 at the end. In that way it is easy to go back to the previous patch I liked...but messed up by tweaking parameters that have the unwanted end result.

    You can always delete these patches from you harddrive when you need to...when your patch is finished.


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