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Topic: Trilogy EQualizaton

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    Arrow Trilogy EQualizaton

    I know that 'trilogy' is one of the top plug-ins for bass sounds,
    the sound are awesome,
    but I find myself using eq quite heavily on trilogy espeacilly at cutting specific frequencies. and i still can't get it to sit in the mix pretty good, it's either too muddy or just not right.
    I'm typiclly using 4, 5, 6-heavy,6-ballad, Jaco bass, slap basses quite often also, and sometimes Synth basses and acoustic basses.

    what kind of eqing do you guys use on Trilogy?

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    Re: Trilogy EQualizaton

    Try using an Amp Simulator if that's what you are experiencing. All the basses in Trilogy are recorded direct and an amp sound can make a big difference in certain genres and mixes to have the bass sound sit right with other elements.

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    Re: Trilogy EQualizaton

    Quote Originally Posted by spectrum View Post
    Try using an Amp Simulator if that's what you are experiencing.
    I agree -- I often will use Guitar Rig 3 (for example) if I find the electric string basses in Trilogy aren't quite sitting the way I like. I usually will try that before I even touch the EQ -- and it usually works for me.

    (But I'm a bass player, so I mostly use Trilogy for SYNTH basses).


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