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Topic: Licensing Music In General

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    Licensing Music In General

    Hey, im new here and I wasnt sure where to post this but I have been wondering what the best way to license your music for others to pay for and use in projects is? is there any way to avoid paying $50 to get your music copywrited officially? whats the best, cheapest way to license my music basically?

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    Re: Licensing Music In General

    That is also one of the things we want to do so that we can have our own music. It is something where we can get royalties from.But i think it really does need to be paid to get a copyright.

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    Re: Licensing Music In General

    does anyone else have any information on general licensing?

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    Re: Licensing Music In General

    You do not have to have your music copyrighted, contrary to popular belief, through the US Copyright. However, it is very beneficial when it comes to claims. I suggest you read a book called Cash Tracks by Jeffrey Fisher - very good at explaining the small details of business in the music world. Also look here.

    Licensing is totally up to and usually written in an agreement as either exclusive, non-exclusive or a little combined etc. There are whole articles that go over licensing such as syncing to video and the such, but you need to be involved with one of the publishing rights groups - it helps a lot in collecting royalties and tracking when and where your licensed music gets played.
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    Re: Licensing Music In General

    You can register and make copy right by the department which provides copy rights to you. But still anyone can copy it

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