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Topic: OT - CHAMBER orchestra for hire?

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    OT - CHAMBER orchestra for hire?


    We've seen this subject many times, but this time it's been transformed into something a bit different.

    I'm working on a piece for 15 players (ok, maybe 14).
    Fl, ob, cl, bsn, f hrn, tpt, tbn, 2 perc, piano, vln 1, vln 2, vla, vlc, cb.


    The piece should be fairly long, of about 12-15 minutes long and it will definately be VERY difficult to play (not the usual film stuff).

    So I was hoping to get it performed live, since, well, contemporary classical music is at least extremely difficult to sound even close to right with samples!

    I did check with an orchestra, which got back to me at $5000 approximately (total buyout, which is something I am after).

    My guess (which seems to be correct), is that I need:
    * 15 players
    * 1 conductor
    * NO, score reader, score copies, parts creators (can do these myself)
    * A hall for the session
    * A 4 hour session
    * engineers, equipment, etc...

    But still a price close to $5000 seems a tad too much. Considering that others would hope to record full orchestras with such money.

    I do remember various links going about here, and I do recall even a comparison site with prices for orchestras. I guess that nobody's that busy that they won't accept some $ for a 4 hour session.

    Another idea would be to actually find freelancers myself and set it up, only it seems close to impossible to do that for 15 players. Was it 3-4, maybe a quartet I could give it a try, but 15?!?!? Unless you have another idea perhaps?

    Well, discuss please. Much needed (although a tad early)

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    Re: OT - CHAMBER orchestra for hire?

    That's the standard Schönberg-type ensemble and I wouldn't hire orchestra musicians for that. I would ask one of those ensembles (there are literary tons of them) as they know how to play together.
    Good friends of mine is the Munich based ensemble "piano possibile" (http://pianopossibile.de/) and we could try setting something up, if you're interested. But I would definitely do a rehearsal before the recording (with any ensemble), which of course adds again to the cost.

    Or (again Munich), with the Musica Viva musicians you could probably get away without a rehearsal, but that would start also with 3000 Euros just for the musicians.

    It makes no sense to do this kind of music with mediocre musicians as they won't be able to transport what you want, so you'll end up up with a recording which you have to explain all the time.

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    Re: OT - CHAMBER orchestra for hire?


    Thanks for reaching to the core of the subject indeed. Of course I'm having doubts that a 'normal' film music orchestra, will be able to cope with such a work...

    So your idea actually very good!

    I will contact the piano possible, ensemble, and actually find more to contact as well. Certainly I would be hoping for more than 1 rehearsals if possible, but this might be a commodity in this time of running around...

    Still you've given me plenty of food for thought.



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    Re: OT - CHAMBER orchestra for hire?

    Quote Originally Posted by nikolas View Post
    I will contact the piano possible, ensemble, and actually find more to contact as well. Certainly I would be hoping for more than 1 rehearsals if possible, but this might be a commodity in this time of running around...
    When you get in touch with piano possibile make sure you tell them of me. I could do the recording, by the way.
    But it might still be easier if you find such an ensemble in London. What I don't understand: aren't you at an academy? Usually these types of ensembles are floating around there and you can get them to play it for free. That's at least how it was in The Hague where I studied.

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    Re: OT - CHAMBER orchestra for hire?

    A few thoughts on this, and thanks again Mathis!

    First of all, I have to update my profile because I just moved away from the UK, so I'm no longer in the 'academy' (university actually), to fix something like this.

    Then, in general 15 performers, plus percussion is not an easy task, it's not 3-4 players, as I said earlier.

    In addition to that, I really think that my piece(s) are in need for a professional, for the same reasons you think orchestra members won't cut it!

    I will actually research a bit more and start sending out e-mails, but this thread is rather preliminary (since the work is not yet written), so I'm frozen but this simple practical issue.

    Just wanted to see my options and financial issues, that might arise, in order to cope in the near future!

    Thanks Mathis!

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