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Topic: Omnisphere- install to system drive ok?

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    Omnisphere- install to system drive ok?

    Hi there-

    Apologies if this has been covered, but I didn't find an answer through a search. I have plenty of room on my system drive, but would need to delete some old libraries or add an additional drive to install Omnisphere to an external / sample drive.

    Do the Omnisphere samples disk-stream at all, or does it all load into RAM? Is there an advantage to loading the library off the system disk?

    thanks in advance!

    Greg McGuirk - music director
    Bennett Innovations
    an employee owned company

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    Re: Omnisphere- install to system drive ok?

    I have it on my systemdisk and its streaming just fine.
    I use a seagate barracuda with 7200 rpm

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