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Topic: Job availabilities at Spectrasonics

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    Job availabilities at Spectrasonics

    Hey everyone,

    We've got some job openings on our team:


    Contact us at the email link if you are interested in these job opportunities.



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    Re: Job availabilities at Spectrasonics


    It's nice to see a domestic company adding jobs in this economy. I'm sure you'll fill the positions in no time but if not... any chance of a relocation package from Texas I've been wanting to live in California all of my life!

    Best of luck to you!

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    Re: Job availabilities at Spectrasonics

    Yes, we are indeed very fortunate to be growing and doing well in such a time of economic uncertainty.

    This will be a good opportunity for the right person. We've got a great team and it's a good environment to work in.

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    Re: Job availabilities at Spectrasonics

    How about a sales rep on the east coast?

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